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Collections on Public Sociology

Dan Clawson et al.(eds.), Public Sociology: Fifteen Eminent Sociologists Debate Politics and the Profession in the Twenty-First Century. (University of California Press, 2007) 

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Debates on Public Sociology

The Global Turn: Lessons from Southern Labor Scholars and Their Labor Movements (Special issue of Work and Occupations, 2009 on The Public Sociology of Labor)
Santana and Braga, Brazil: The Swinging Pendulum Between Labor Sociology and Labor Movement.
Lee and Shen, China: The Paradox and Possibility of a Public Sociology of Labor  
Bhowmik, India: Labor Sociology Searching for a Direction
Buhlungu, South Africa: The Decline of Labor Studies and the Democratic Transition
Cho, South Korea: Toward a Collective Public Sociology of Labor

The Public Turn: From Labor Process to Labor Movement (Work and Occupations, Vol.35(4), 2008)

With responses from:
Rob Lambert, Organic Public Sociology and the Labour Movement: A Biographicasl Reflection. (Labour & Industry, 2008)
Donna Baines, Labour Studies, Social Unionism and Engaged Academics: Strategies and Struggles in Canada (Labour & Industry, 2008)

"Open the Social Sciences: To Whom and For What?" (Address to Portuguese Sociological Association, March 30th., 2006, Portuguese Journal of Social Science Vol 6(3), 2008) With commentary from Jose Madureira Pinto

"What Is To Be Done?" (International Symposium in Current Sociology, Vol. 56(3), 2008)

         Alberto Martinelli, "Sociology in Political Practice and Public Discourse"

         Dennis Smith, "Globalization, Degradation and the Dynamics of Humiliation."

         Michel Wieviorka, "Some Considerations after Reading Michael Burawoy's Article"

         Adam Habib, "Speaking Truth to All Forms of Power."

         Shen Yuan, "Strong and Weak Intervention."

         Elena Zdravomyslova, "Make Way for Professional Sociology." 

         Ruy Braga, Sylvia Garcia, and Leonardo Silva, "Public Sociology and Social  Engagement."

         Amita Baviskar, "Pedagogy, Public Sociology and Politics in India."

"Rejoinder: For A Subaltern Global Sociology?" 

"An Open Letter to C Wright Mills" (Antipode, Vol. 30(3), 2008)

"A Public Sociology For California" (Address to California Sociological Association, 2005, published in Critical Sociology, Vol.34 (3), 2008)

"Forging Global Sociology from Below" Forthcoming in Sujata Patel (ed.),  International Handbook on Diverse Sociological Traditions (Sage Publications)

"Private Troubles and Public Issues" in Andrew Barlow (ed.), Collaborations for Social Justice (Lanham, MD.: Rowman and Littlefield, 2007)

 "Public Sociology vs. The Market." (Discussion Forum, Socio-Economic Review, vol.5, 2007)

          Richard Swedberg "Public Sociology and Economic Sociology: Introductory Remarks."
          Fred Block, "Confronting Market Fundamentalism: Doing 'Public Economic Sociology'."
          Akos Rona-Tas and Nadav Gabay, "The Invisible Science of the Invisible Hand: The Public

          Presence of Economic Sociology in the USA."


"Public Sociology on a Global Scale" (Address to the Hong Kong Sociological Association, 2005, published in Social Transformations in Chinese Societies, Vol. 2, 2006).   

With responses from: 

          Pun Ngai, "A Will to Public Sociology

          Lui Tai-Lok, "Voices From The Margin"

"A Public Sociology for Human Rights.” Introduction to Judith Blau and Keri Iyall Smith (eds.), Public Sociologies Reader (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2006)

"Third-Wave Sociology and the End of Pure Science" (American Sociologist, Fall/Winter 2005), being a response to:

"The Risks of  Public Sociology." Symposium  at Ohio State University, April 29, 2005, audio:  

       Pamela Paxton, "Divided and Conquered: Public Sociology and Sociological Evidence"

       Douglas Downey:  "Sociology's Nixon effect" 

       James Moody, "The Heart of Sociology." (Powerpoint)


"For Public Sociology" Address to the American Sociological Association, San Francisco, August 15th., 2004. (American Sociological Review, February 2005). 

         Translations: French | Spanish | Portuguese | Finnish | Farsi | Hungarian | Russian | Chinese | Italian 

          Individual commentaries: Daniel Bertaux (French) | Arto Noro (Finnish) | Heinz Bude (German) | 

                John Holmwood (English)

Symposium in Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales (2009): Contents| Ollion| Burawoy et al.| Engbersen| Pereira
Symposium in The American Sociologist (2007): Lawrence Nichols | Steven Ortiz| Michell      Lueck | Lina Hu | Ronald Wimberley and Libby MorrisGábor Scheiring | Miklós Hadas

          Symposium in Sociology (English) (2007): John Holmwood and Sue Scott | Stephen Turner

                Marinus Ossewaarde | Neil McLaughlin and Kerry Turcotte

          Symposium in Sociologica (Italian) (2007): Antonio Chiesi | Fabio Dei | Dario Padovan |  

                Maurizio Pisati | Marco Santoro

          Symposium in Replika (Hungarian) (2006): Ákos Huszár | Zoltán Fleck | György Lengyel

                Dénes Némedi 

          Symposium in The British Journal of Sociology (2005): Bridget HutterUlrich Beck

                John Braithwaite | Craig Calhoun | Richard Ericson |Amitai Etzioni | John HallChristine Inglis|    

                Ronald Kalleberg | Stella Quah | Saskia Sassen | John Scott | Diane Vaughan

"Rejoinder: Public Sociology: Populist Fad or Path to Renewal?" (British Journal of Sociology, 2005)

"The Return of the Repressed: Recovering the Public Face of U.S. Sociology, One Hundred Years On."  (The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 600, July, 2005)

"The Critical Turn to Public Sociology" (Critical Sociology, Summer 2005)
          With responses from: Joan Acker | Stanley Aronowitiz | Gianpaolo Baiocchi | Rose Brewer
          Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi | Walda Katz-Fishman and Jerome Scott | John Urry | Lal

"Rejoinder: Toward a Critical Public Sociology"

"Provincializing the Social Sciences," (Conclusion to George Steinmetz, editor, The Politics of Method in the Human Sciences, Duke University Press, 2005)

"To Advance, Sociology Must not Retreat." (The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 13th., 2004)

"From Liberation to Reconstruction: Theory and Practice in the Life of Harold Wolpe." (Review of African Political Economy, 2004. Abbreviated version of the Wolpe Memorial Lecture, South Africa, 2004.)

"The World Needs Public Sociology" (Norwegian journal Sosiologisk tidsskrift, No. 3, 2004)

"Public Sociologies: Contradictions, Dilemmas, and Possibilities." (Address to North Carolina Sociological Association, Social Forces, June 2004). With responses from: 

           David Brady "Why Public Sociology May Fail." (Social Forces, June, 2004)
           Charles Tittle, "The Arrogance of Public Sociology." (Social Forces, June, 2004)
           Francois Nielsen, "The Vacant 'We': Remarks on Public Sociology." (Social Forces, June, 2004)


"Public Sociologies: A Symposium from Boston College." (Social Problems, February 2004)

With Contributions from William Gamson, Charlotte Ryan, Stephen Pfohl, Diane Vaughan, Charles Derber and Juliet Schor  

"South Africanizing U.S. Sociology." (Published in the Marxist Newsletter, From the Left, 2003)

"Public Sociologies in a Global Context." (Address to Polson Institute, Cornell University, 2003)

           Commentary and Debate from Lourdes Beneria, Davydd Greewood, David Lewis, Max Pfeffer   

           and others.

"Public Sociology: South African Dilemmas in a Global Context." (Address to South African Sociological Association, 2003; Society in Transition, 2004)

"Models of Public Sociology: Hausknecht vs. Burawoy." (Published in Footnotes, 2003)

"Public Sociologies and the Grassroots." (Address to Sociologists for Women in Society, 2002)

"Public Sociology at Berkeley: Past, Present and Future." (With Jonathan Van Antwerpen, 2001)