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The Great Involution: Russia's Response to the Market (1999)

"For a Sociological Marxism: The Complementary Convergence of Antonio Gramsci and Karl Polanyi." (2003) [Farsi]

"Third Great Transformtion: Riding Polanyi into the Future." (Eszmelet, 2011: Hungarian)

"From Polanyi to Pollyanna: The False Optimism of Global Labor Studies." (Global Labour Journal 2010)

"Marxism after Polanyi" ( 2014)

"Sociology - Going Public, Going Global." [Introduction to Public Sociology against Market Fundamentalism and Global Inequality. Beltz Juventa published in German, 2015]

"Facing an Unequal World" (Current Sociology, 2015) [Russian] [Portuguese][Arabic]

"Social Movements in the Neoliberal Age," in Marcel Paret, Carin Runciman and Luke Sinwell (eds.), Southern Resistance in Critical Perspective (Routledge, 2017)

"A New Sociology for Social Justice Movements" in Margaret Abraham (ed.) Sociology and Social Justice (Sage, 2019)

"Resolving Polanyi's Paradox" Afterword to Dale, Holmes and Markantonatou (eds.), Karl Polanyi's Political and Economic Thought: A Critical Guide (Agenda, 2019)