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Sociology 101 History of Sociological Theory [Living Theory]

Sociology 101A (101) [Syllabus |Reader|Audio] - Marxist  Tradition
Sociology 101B (102) [Syllabus |Reader|Audio] - Sociology and Beyond
Sociology 101C (103) [Syllabus] -  C. Wright Mills and Social Theory 
Sociology 101C (103) [Syllabus] -  Theory of Pedagogy 
Sociology 101C (103) [Syllabus] -  Introducing Pierre Bourdieu 
Sociology 101C (103) [Syllabus] -  W.E.B. Du Bois and Social Theory 

Sociology 185, Global Sociology, Live! [Syllabus][Video][Article]

Sociology 185, Public Sociology, Live! [Webpage][Video][Blog]

Sociology 202, Marxism as an Historical Phenomenon [Syllabus]

Sociology 201A, Introduction to Classical Sociology [Syllabus]

Sociology 202B, Antonio Gramsci and His Legacy [Syllabus]

Sociology 226, Marxism and Functionalism (Lecture Notes) 

Sociology 224, Politics and Labor (Lecture Notes) 

Sociology 271A, Methodology of the Social Sciences [Syllabus]

Sociology 273E, Participant Observation [Syllabus]

Sociology 280C, Political Sociology [Syllabus]

Sociology 202A, Race, Class and Capitalism: The Changing Views of W.E.B. Du Bois [Syllabus]

Sociology 1, Introduction to Sociology [Syllabus]