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 W.E.B. Du Bois

"W.E.B. Du Bois' Indian Romance"  (Sociological Bulletin, 2023) 

The Making of Black Marxism: The Complementary Perspectives of W.E.B. Du Bois and Frantz Fanon (Oxford Handbook of W.E.B. Du Bois edited by Aldon Morris et al., forthcoming)  

Walking on Two Legs: Black Marxism and the Sociological Canon (Critical Sociology, 2022) 

The State of US Sociology  (Critical Sociology, 2022) 

Conversations with Du Bois (Talk to Du Bois Institute, Harvard, 2021) 

Why is Classical Theory Classical? Theorizing the Canon and Canonizing Du Bois. (Journal of Classical Sociology, 2021)  

Decolonizing Sociology: The Significance of W.E.B. Du Bois (Critical Sociology, 2021)




"Laboring in the Extractive University," Introduction to Toward a Labor Theory of Pedagogy (Special Issue of Work and Occupations written with Margaret Eby, Thomas Gepts, Justin Germain, Natalie Pasquinelli and Elizabeth Torres Carpio, OnlineFirst, 2023) 

Second Class Citizens: A Survey of Berkeley Lecturers (2018)

The Public University - Battleground for Real Utopias (Southeast Asian Social Science Review, 2017)

Universities in Crisis: Learning from Brazil (Margem Esquerda 25: 43-51 - Portuguese)

"Privatization Increases Inequality and Reduces Quality of Education." (Daily Californian, August, 2017)

"The Neoliberal University: Ascendancy of the Spiralists." (Critical Sociology, 2016)

"Interdisciplinarity -- The Promise and the Perils." (2012)

"The Public University -- Battleground for Real Utopias." (2012)

"The Great American University." Contemporary Sociology (2012)

"Redefining the Public University" in John Holmwood (ed.), A Manifesto for the Public University (Bloomsbury, 2011)

"Universities in Crisis: Ireland." (Irish Times, February 1, 2011)


Global Sociology

A New Sociology for Social Justice Movements in Margaret Abraham (ed.) Sociology and Social Justice (Sage, 2019)

"Social Movements in the Neoliberal Age," in Marcel Paret, Carin Runciman and Luke Sinwell (eds.), Southern Resistance in Critical Perspective (Routledge, 2017)

"Sociology - Going Public, Going Global." [Introduction to Public Sociology against Market Fundamentalism and Global Inequality. Beltz Juventa published in German, 2015]

Facing an Unequal World (Current Sociology, 2015) [Russian] [Portuguese][Arabic]

Global Dialogue: An ISA President's Reflections (Footnotes, 2015

Times of Turmoil (Unpublished Paper, 2013)

Debate on International Sociology (Contemporary Sociology, July, 2011)
Piotr Sztompka: “Another Sociological Utopia”
Michael Burawoy: “The Last Positivist”

"On Uncompromising Pessimism: Response to My Critics." (Global Labor Journal, 2011)

"From Polanyi to Pollyanna: The False Optimism of Global Labor Studies." (Global Labour Journal, 2010)

"Facing an Unequal World" (Introduction to Facing an Unequal World: Challenges for a Global Sociology, edited by Michael Burawoy, Mau-kuei Chang, and Michelle Fei-yu Hsieh (ISA, 2010)

"Challenges for a Global Sociology" (Contexts, Fall, 2009) (Film)

"Forging Global Sociology from Below" in Sujata Patel (ed.),  International Handbook on Diverse Sociological Traditions (Sage Publications, 2009) [Portuguese]

"Manufacturing the Global" (Ethnography, 2001)  



Living Sociology: On Being in the World One Studies (Annual Review of Sociology, 2021) 

"Empiricism and Its Fallacies." Contexts, 2019

"On Desmond: The Limits of Spontaneous Sociology." Theory and Society, 2017

"Action Research in the Field of Human Rights." in Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito (ed.), Human Rights in Minefields (De Justicia, Bogota, Colombia, 2015)

"The Colour of Class Revisited: Four Decades of Postcolonialism in Zambia." (Journal of Southern African Studies, 2014)

"Ethnographic Fallacies: Reflections on labour studies in the era of market fundamentalism." (Work, employment and society, 2013)

"Manufacturing Consent Revisited" (la Nouvelle Revue du Travail, 2012) [Spanish][Portuguese]

"Revisits: An Outline of a Theory of Reflexive Ethnography." (American Sociological Review2003) [French with an Introduction by Daniel Cefaï]

"The Extended Case Method." (Sociological Theory, 1998 [French]

Two Methods in Search of Science: Skocpol vs Trotsky" (Theory and Society, 1989)


Socialism on Earth - Hungary

"Working in the Tracks of State Socialism." (Capital and Class, 2009)  

 "Reflections on the Class Consciousness of Hungarian Steel Workers." (Politics and Society, 1989)

"What is Socialist about Socialist Production? Autonomy and Control in a Hungarian Steel Mill." (With Janos Lukacs) in Stephen Wood (editor), The Transformation of Work (London: Hyman and Unwin, 1989)            

"Piece Rates, Hungarian Style." (Socialist Review 1985)

"Mythologies of Work: A Comparison of Firms in State Socialism and Advanced Capitalism." (With Janos Lukacs) (American Sociological Review, 1985)


The Soviet Transition to Capitalism

"Buried in the Rubble of Communism." (Focaal, 2010)

"Transition without Transformation: Russia's Descent into Capitalism" (2001)

"Neoclassical Sociology: From the End of Communism to the End of Classes" (2001)

"Involution and Destitution in Capitalist Russia" (With Pavel Krotov and Tatyana Lytkina) (2000)

"A Sociology for the Second Great Transformation" (2000)

"The Great Involution: Russia's Response to the Market" (1999)

"State and Economic Involution: Russia through a Chinese Lens" (1996)

"Russian Miners Bow to the Angel of History" (With Pavel Krotov) (1995)  

"Why Coupon Socialism Never Stood a Chance in Russia"  (1994) 

"The Economic Basis of Russia's Political Crisis" (With Pavel Krotov) (1993)

"The End of Sovietology and the Renaissance of Modernization Theory." (1992) 

"Between Perestroika and Privatization." (With Kathryn Hendley) (1992)

"The Soviet transition from Socialism to Capitalism." (With Pavel Krotov) (1992)


"The Necessity of Real Utopias." (Global Dialogue, 2022) 

"A Tale of Two Marxisms: Remembering Erik Olin Wright" (New Left Review, 2020) [Politics and Society] [Italian]

"Making Sense of Bourdieu" (Catalyst, 2018) [Portuguese] [French] [Serbo-Croatian]

"The Poverty of Philosophy: Marx Meets Bourdieu." (The Oxford Handbook of Pierre Bourdieu, 2018)

"Marxism after Polanyi" ( 2014)

"Marxism After Communism" (CriticAtac, 2012)

"The Roots of Domination: Beyond Bourdieu and Gramsci." (Sociology 2012)

"La domination est-elle si profonde? Au-delà de Bourdieu et de Gramsci." (Actuel Marx 2011: French]]

"Third Great Transformtion: Riding Polanyi into the Future." (Eszmelet, 2011: Hungarian)

"The Importance of Real Utopias: Response to Russell Jacoby." (Dissent, 2011)

"For a Sociological Marxism: The Complementary Convergence of Antonio Gramsci and Karl Polanyi." (2003) [Farsi]

"Sociological Marxism" (With Erik Olin Wright) (2002) [Russian version]

"Marxism after Communism." (2000)

"Mythological Individualism: The Metaphysical Foundation of Analytical Marxism." (1995) 

Marxism as Science (1990)  [Spanish version]

"Marxism is Dead: Long Live Marxism!" (1990)

"Coercion and Consent in Contested Exchange" (With Erik Wright) (1990)   

"The Future of Socialism in Eastern Europe" (1989) 

"Marxism Without Micro-Foundations: Przeworski's Critique of Social Democracy." (1989)

Adam Przeworski: "Class, Production and Politics: A Reply to Burawoy." (1989)

"Should We Give Up on Socialism?"  (1989) 

"Marxism, Philosophy and Science." (1989)

"The Limits of Wright's Analytical Marxism and an Alternative."(1987)

E.O. Wright: "Reply to Burawoy's Comments on "Reflections on Classes." (1987)

"The Written and the Repressed in Gouldner's Industrial Sociology." (1982)

"The Resurgence of Marxism in American Sociology." (1982)

"Contemporary Currents in Marxist Theory." (1978) 

"Marxism and Sociology." (1977)  


Racial Capitalism in Southern Africa

"Return to Fanon." (Contexts 2021) 

"Southern Windmill: The life and Work of Edward Webster." (Transformation, 2010)

"From Earth to Heaven: South African Sociology in the International Context." (South African Review of Sociology, 2009)

"From Liberation to Reconstruction: Theory and Practice in the Life of Harold Wolpe." (Review of African Political Economy, 2004. Abbreviated version of the Wolpe Memorial Lecture, South Africa, 2004).

"From Liberation to Reconstruction: Theory and Practice in the Life of Harold Wolpe." (Chapter 1, in Amanda Alexander (editor), Articulations: Harold Wolpe Memorial Lecture CollectionReview of African Political Economy, 2006. Original version of the Wolpe Memorial Lecture, South Africa, 2004.)

"Harold Wolpe: Doyen of South African Marxists" (1989) 

"The Capitalist State in South Africa: Marxist and Sociological Perspectives on Race and Class." (Political Power and Social Theory, 1981)

"The Functions and Reproduction of Migrant Labor: Comparative Material from Southerrn Africa and United States." (American Journal of Sociology, 1976) [French]

"Consciousness and Contrradiction: A Study of Student Protest in Zambia." (British Journal of Sociology, 1976)

"Race, Class and Colonialism." (Social and Economic Studies, 1974)

"Another Look at the Mineworker." (African Social Research, 1972)