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"Living Theory: Reflections on Four Deacades of Teaching Social Theory," in Constructing Social Research Objects edited by Hakon Leiulfsrud and Peter Sohlberg (2021)  

"Antinomian Marxist" (from Alan Sica and Stephen Turner, eds., The Disobedient Generation, 2005)

"Combat in the Dissertation Zone"  (American Sociologist, Summer, 2005)  Portuguese

"Another Thirty Years" (Introduction to the Chinese edition of  Manufacturing Consent, 2005)

"Odyssey of a Marxist Ethnographer" (International Labor and Working Class History, 1996)


Future of Labor  (Interview with Eleonora de Lucena e Rodolfo Lucena, Brazil, September 12, 2023)   

Du Bois on Race and Class (Interview with C.S. Song, KPFA,  Against the Grain February 14 and February 15, 2023) 

UC Faculty Divided Over Graduate Student Strike  (Interview with Nanette Asimov, December 2, 2022)

Why Sociology Matters. (Interview with Laurie Taylor in Thinking Allowed January 19, 2022, BBC4)  

What's the Point of Sociology if it's not Engaged?  (Interview with Ivica Mladenovic  English French Spanish, September 30, 2021)   

The State of US Sociology: From Crisis to Renewal (Talk at the American Sociological Association, 2021) 

Dialogue with His Intellectual Opponents. About the Sociological Marxism of Michael Burawoy. Essay by Sebastien Antoine, Cécile Piret et François Rinschbergh, 2021      

The Fate of Trumpism and the Future of Liberal Democracy  (Interview with Dimitris Givis from newspaper Epohi, Greece, January 10, 2021)   English 

Public Sociology and the Pandemic (Interview with Dev Pathak, Delhi 8/2020)

Trump unconsciously leads the transition to a socialist program (Interview with Islam Özkan, Turkey, 6/2020)

Scientists have Obligations to Society  (Interview with Kestas Kirtiklis, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2019)    

Manufacturing Consent: A Concern That Lasted 40 Years (Interview with Paula Varela published in New Proposals, Buenos Aires, 2019)

Bourdieu and Marx. Interview C.S. Song (KPFA, Berkeley, 2019)

The Modern Prince and the Sociological Imagination.Conversation with Ricardo Emilio Chesta (Sociologica 2019)

The Future of Sociology (Talk at Zhejiang University, China published in The Paper,  2018)

The Paper (Shanghai, China). Interview with Ren Qiran (2018)

Monitoring of Public Life (Russia) (Interview with Andrei Rezaev, 2018)       

WFHB (Bloomington, Indiana), (These Hollowed Halls:  Business Creep(s) in the University) with Doug Stor (2018)

Mouvements (Belgium) (Between Marxism and Ethnography) with Sébastien Antoine, Cécile Piret and François Rinschbergh (2016)

Against the Grain (KPFA Berkeley) (Maketization and Inequality) with C.S. Soong (2016)

Austrian Broadcasting Corporation with Lukas Wieselberger

Sociologia (Life and Theory Intertwined) by Bruno Tripode Bartaquini (2016)

Circuito Acadêmico (Brazil) (2016)

Social Science Bites (Sociology and the Workplace) (London) by David Edmonds (2016)

Ballast (Belgium) by Julien Chanet (2016)

Folha de S.Paulo (Brazil) by Eleonora de Lucena (2015)

Soziologie Magazin (Germany) (2015)

Movimento (Brazil) by Guilherme Nothen (2015) [English | Portuguese | Spanish]

Mediapart (French) by Joseph Confavreux (2014)

Social Problems (Bulgaria) by Svetla Koleva (2013)

El Nuevo Dia (Puerto Rico) by Camile Soto (2013)

Ara (Catalonia) by Marc Vidal (2013)

Critique of Political Economy (Iran) by Kevan Harris (2013)

Plural (Brazil) by Gustavo Takeshy Taniguti, Fábio Silva Tsunoda e
Wilson Emanuel Fernandes dos Santos (2012)

Página/12 (Argentina) by Agustín Saavedra (2012)

 Commons: Journal of Social Criticism    (Ukraine) by Volodymyr Ishchenko (2012)  

Socius (Norway) by Ida Kjeøy and Maren Toft (2012)

El Espectador (Colombia) by Cesar Rodriguez Garavito (2012)

Dnevnik (Slovenia) by Uroš Škerl Kramberger (2011)

El Mundo (Spain) by Pablo Rodriguez Suanzes (2011)

Folha de S.Paulo (Brazil) by Eleonora de Lucena (2011)

International Sociology by Devorah Kalekin-Fishman (2011)

Prague (Czech Republic) by Zuzana Uhde (Czech, 2010)

Русский Журнал (Russian, 2010)

Warsaw (Poland) by Izabela Wagner (2010)

Warsaw (Poland) by Michał Łuczewski (2010)

Zerkalo Nedeli (Ukraine) by Sergyi Kurbatov (2010)

Egyenlítő (Hungary) by Róbert Takács (2010)

Les Mondes du Travail (France) by Stephen Bouquin and Cédric Lomba (2008)

Sociologia (Brazil) by Faoze Chibli (2008)

Interview with Chronis Polychroniou (Athens) (2001) [English]

"Tales of the Kefir Furnaceman" by Jeff Byles (The Village Voice, April 10, 2001) [Portuguese]



Preface to the Chinese edition of The Politics of Production. (Horizon Books 2023)  

Vedat Milor: Renaissance Man. Foreword to Vedat Milor, Bringing Back the State - A Comparative Study on Planning and Economic Development in Turkey and France.    (Turkish) (2022)  

Honorary Degree, University of Johannesburg (2022)

Public Sociology under Covid-19. Preface to Covid-19: An Epochal Social Change edited by Paolo Diana, Giovannipaolo Ferrari, Pietro Dommarco (Italian) (2021)

Prologue to Rodolfo Elbert: Uniting What Capital Divides.”  (2020) 

"The Spirit of Erik Wright," Preface to Erik Wright, Stardust to Stardust: Reflections on Living and Dying (Chicago: Haymarket, 2020)

Afterword to Erik Wright, How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century (New York: Verso, 2019)

"Resolving Polanyi's Paradox," Afterword to Gareth Dale, Christopher Holmes and Maria Markantonatou (editors), Karl Polanyi’s Political and Economic Thought: A Critical Guide. (Agenda Publishers, 2019).

Remembering Erik Wright: Real Utopian in Practice and in Theory (Verso 2019 

"Science and Reflexivity," Foreword to Juan Piovani and Muniz Terra (editors), Condenados a la Reflexividad (2018)

"Third-Wave Marketization," Afterword to Chris Hann and Jonathan Perry (editors), Industrial Labor on the Margins of Capitalism  (Berghahn Books, 2018)

Foreword to Marta Soler, Achieving Social Impact (Brill Publishers, 2017)

Preface to Wiebke Keim, Ercüment Çelik, Christian Ersche and Veronika Wöhrer (eds.), Global Knowledge Production in the Social Sciences (Ashgate Publishers, 2014)

Foreword to Ariane Hanemaayer and Christopher Schneider (eds.), The Public Sociology Debate (University of British Columbia Press, 2014)

Foreword to Philip Nyden et al., Public Sociology: Research, Action, and Change (Sage Publications, 2012).

Foreword to Sarah Mosoetsa, Eating from One Pot: The Dynamics of Survival in Poor South African Households (University of Witwatersrand Press, 2011)

"A Sociology for South Africa." Foreword to Peter Alexander et al., Globalisation and New Identities: a View from the Middle. Johannesburg (Jacana Press, 2006)

“Another Thirty Years.” Introduction to Taiwanese edition of Manufacturing Consent. (2005)

Foreword to Sheba George, When Women Come First: Gender and Class in Transnational Migration (University of California Press, 2004)