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Public Sociology, Live!

This experimental course brings public sociologists in different parts of the world into conversations with Berkeley undergraduates. The 12 discussions were video recorded and posted on Berkeley youtube and the ISA website where they were watched and discussed by classes around the world -- Oslo, Tehran, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Kyiv, and Johannesburg. The latter posted summaries of their discussions on facebook, engendering further discussion about the issues, dilemmas and practice of public sociology in different places. A blog brings all the material together, but you can find all the readings and videos below.

Syllabus / Blog / Facebook


Michael Burawoy: What is Public Sociology?

Manuel Castells: The Power of Communication

Nandini Sundar: Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in India

César Rodríguez-Garavito: Social Minefields in Latin America

Ramon Flecha and Marta Soler: Overcoming Inequality through Dialogue

Walden Bello: Between Truth and Power

Karl Von Holdt: Transforming the South African State

Sari Hanafi: Governing Palestinean Refugee Camps

Michel Wieviorka: The Dilemmas of Sociological Intervention

Pun Ngai: Fighting Apple and its Global Supply Chain (Video is not publicly available)

Frances Fox Piven: Power from Below

Michael Burawoy and Laleh Behbehanian: Conclusion: Dilemmas of Public Sociology